ILBIJERRI International Indigenous Explorers

26 September 2013

Over the last four years ILBIJERRI Theatre Company has experienced a growing audience for our work. We believe this is reflective of a growing interest in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander performance from audiences across the country. Internationally, there is clearly a market for Indigenous performance with many Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists.

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JUMP mentors and mentees ride the Next Wave

13 February 2013

Writing can be a solitary activity, and one of the reasons I applied to JUMP was the opportunity to open up my world. Rather than thinking about writing as a personal challenge and pastime, I wanted to see it as my creative practice and even – as foreign a prospect as it sometimes seems –.

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Indigenous story reaches kids worldwide

13 June 2012

Children across the world are journeying through imaginary Indigenous lands in Insite Arts and TPO’s latest multimedia work, Saltbush. In the most unlikely setting, Saltbush was born through a chance conversation passionate ‘whitefella’ Jason Cross had with Italian theatre director Davide Venturini, while strolling the banks of the Rhine River in Germany. ‘The first thing.

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Jack Charles goes to market

29 March 2012

Ilbijerri Theatre Company’s Jack Charles V the Crown charmed international agents at the Australian Performing Arts Market (APAM) in Adelaide in March. Performed by Jack Charles himself, the delightful one-man show tells the story of Jack’s extraordinarily raucous, crime-filled life, and his redemption. ‘It received such a fantastic response, 68-year-old Jack is now getting ready.

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander performing arts companies spotlighted at APAM

28 February 2012

Tonight at the Australian Performing Arts Market (APAM) the Australia Council will be launching a showreel that highlights accomplished Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander performing arts companies. This year’s event boasts the highest attendance by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander performing arts sector, prompting Council to commission a special video showcase to give international attendees a taste of.

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