Every dog has its day (on the world stage)

2 October 2012

The Dachshund UN is: a mock meeting of the United Nations Human Rights Council with each of its 47 seats being occupied by a dachshund, not a representative of the member state; a sculpture; and a live performance. As a sculpture it is a four-level amphitheatre, loosely based on a former office of the United.

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Curious Creatures

10 July 2012

Jimmy McGilchrist, a young Australian innovator in interactive digital arts, is attracting broad international attention for his Curious Creatures project. This augmented reality artwork will engage festival audiences of more than 250,000 at this year’s Vryfees arts and music festival in Bloemfontein (10-15 July). Curious Creatures is an interactive, sensor-driven work that creates life-size shadows.

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Wish We Were Here

28 September 2011

A personal postcard delivery service by Dan Koop c/o DJK International, supported by the Hopscotch Live Art Touring Initiative.

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