Are you a Geek? Roland Kay-Smith is.

21 March 2014

Not many people can list gutting fish among their qualifications but for former Geek in Residence Roland Kay-Smith it is just one of his many talents, ‘I played rock ‘n’ roll way past my bedtime, I earned a wage at a record company, I wrote for music magazines and dabbled in film and video production.’ While.

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New initiative to explore dance in the digital age

31 January 2012

Screen culture has exploded into practically every part of our lives. From screens you carry in your pocket or video billboards that wrap around entire buildings, our relationship to screens is expanding. No longer do we just watch screens; increasingly we pinch and flick and spin them, we pass media between them, we smile at them.

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Thea nails augmented reality

16 December 2011

When it comes to turning makeup fantasy into makeover reality Thea Bauman is way ahead of the game.

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