Becky Hilton’s thoughts on her new project HELLO

19 July 2013

HELLO is a long distance dance project and  international collaboration between Australian choreographer Becky Hilton and the Hermosillo (Mexico) based dance company Producciones La lagrima. The dancers utilise YouTube, skype, Facebook, texting and email as well as traditional face time in the studio to create the project, with HELLO investigating what can happen when a.

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2013 grants and initatives online now

13 December 2012

In 2013, the Australia Council for the Arts will deliver more than $170 million in funding for arts organisations and individual artists across Australia in an effort to continue enriching the nation by supporting the practice and enjoyment of the arts. Check out the full story and interview with Andy Donovan, Director of Inter-Arts, on.

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Tanja Liedtke – Life in Movement

23 March 2012

In 2007 the Sydney Dance Company appointed 29-year-old choreographer Tanja Liedtke as their first new artistic director in 30 years. However before she could take up the position, she was struck and killed by a truck in the middle of the night. Admired internationally as a dancer and celebrated for her fresh choreographic voice, she.

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New initiative to explore dance in the digital age

31 January 2012

Screen culture has exploded into practically every part of our lives. From screens you carry in your pocket or video billboards that wrap around entire buildings, our relationship to screens is expanding. No longer do we just watch screens; increasingly we pinch and flick and spin them, we pass media between them, we smile at them.

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STVDIO ArtStart: Liesel Zink

13 January 2012

Brisbane based dancer and choreographer Liesel Zink’s latest project ‘Fifteen’ draws from in-depth studies of body language and human behaviour observed in city life. This series of STVDIO ArtBreaks profiles recipients of the Australia Council for the Arts’ ArtStart grants. Image Credit: Courtesy SBS STVDIO

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Improvised desires of utopia

1 December 2011

The future is bright for BalletLab, the innovative contemporary dance company from Melbourne.

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