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Every dog has its day (on the world stage)

2 October 2012 Katie Harford

The Dachshund UN is:

  1. a mock meeting of the United Nations Human Rights Council with each of its 47 seats being occupied by a dachshund, not a representative of the member state;
  2. a sculpture; and
  3. a live performance.

As a sculpture it is a four-level amphitheatre, loosely based on a former office of the United Nations in Geneva. Bennett Miller’s tiered replica hosts performances in which dogs from the local community of dachshunds sit in for each Council member.

The Dachshund UN performed as part of the Next Wave in Melbourne in May 2010. It then toured to Perth, and also performed during the NOW RIGHT NOW Festival of live art in November 2010.

With support from the Hopscotch Initiative, The Dachshund UN was performed in the forecourt of Birmingham’s IKON gallery as part of Fierce Festival UK. As Beverley Knowles, writing on this is tomorrow, noted, with lines like, “Italy’s checking out where the action’s at,” and “France is rather yappy,” ‘[t]he square outside Ikon Gallery in Birmingham was agog with obvious but irresistible gags yesterday as Australian artist Bennett Miller broke the first rule of theatre working with 47 dachshunds in a live art meets architectural installation experiment.”

The opportunity to perform at Fierce Festival led to a new opportunity to tour the work to Toronto to be part of Harbourfront Centre‘s World Stage program in Toronto, where it will be presented in February 2013. Such opportunities are exactly what Hopscotch is all about. It supports innovative Australian live art by developing new national and international markets.

Image Credit: Jaskirt Dilawhal