Jacqueline Bradley

ArtStarter focus – Jacqueline Bradley

12 June 2012 Artery

Jacqueline Bradley is a Canberra based visual artist who uses second hand household objects, fabrics and building materials to construct small sculptures, sculptural performative objects and installations. Her work uses teacups, saucers and spoons caught in moments of engagement through the use of hand-stitched concertinas and fabricated elements.

‘These works explore my experiences of construction of home and identity in an Australian society; how personal spaces are defined, how we integrate or separate ourselves from the surrounding environment, both constructed and natural, and the way in which aspects of our past heritage may be embraced, ignored or forgotten.’

Producing promotional tools, such as a website, business cards and brochures are on the agenda for Jacqueline’s ArtStart year with her $10,000 funding.

‘Over the year I’ll also undertake some courses in promoting a small business online and in writing grant applications, whilst maintaining a steady and dedicated practice at my studio with Australian National Capital Artists.’

Jacqueline plans to develop her practice over the next five years to achieve a balanced income, allowing her to spend time working in the studio developing her work technically and conceptually, while still dedicating time every week to arts administration including; applying for grants, funding, prizes and residencies.

Image: Volcano Cup by Jacquleine Bradley
Credit: Brenton Mcgeachie