5 June 2012 Artery

BLAKDANCE 2012 is an international showcase celebrating First Nation contemporary dance.

For the first time six renowned international and Australian First Nation choreographers will work with established and emerging dancers to create a new production called BLAKDANCE 2012.

This production will include a suite of works devised by each choreographer. It will be a timeless cultural collection that will surprise and engage audiences through traditional and contemporary First Nation dance and storytelling as each choreographer has their own unique style and traditional voice.

From Australia Rita Pryce (Baiwa Dance Co), Tammi Gissell (Figure of Speech) and Albert David’s work will be performed alongside pieces by the international choreographers Ojeya Cruz Banks of Guåhan/Guam and Jack Gray (Atamira Dance Collective) and Cathy Livermore from New Zealand.

BLAKDANCE 2012 is a showcase where international, national and local choreographers, dancers, industry members and audiences can come together to celebrate and gain a deeper understanding of First Nation Australia through contemporary dance practice. It’s an opportunity to share; where traditional dance meets contemporary performance, where the storytelling is from global cultural voices. Throughout the week there will also be forums, a cultural artists’ symposium and master classes.

BLAKDANCE 2012 will be held at Queensland Theatre Company in Brisbane as part of the GreenHouse  7 – 9 June 2012.

BlakDance Australia Limited is an infrastructure partner organisation of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts Board.

Image Credit: BlakDance Australia Limited