New Art now in creative development

13 March 2012 Artery

The first artists funded through the inaugural New Art Creative Development initiative are beginning their projects around Australia. These artistic teams are now starting creative experimentation and research to develop prototypes and partnerships for innovative new art works.

The Australia Council New Art initiative was launched in 2011 as part for the Creative Australia funding program for artists. New Art grants are for artists wishing to explore ambitious ideas, collaborations and to take creative risks to make major new art work. As part of a five year initiative, both Creative Development and Production & Presentation grants will be offered between 2011-2015.

2011-12 Creative Australia New Art Creative Development project recipients include:

Alex Davies
Alex Davies will be developing a large mixed reality installation exploring illusion within spatial narratives. Drawing from cinema, magic and performance practices, he is prototyping an intricate built and virtual environment, and honing scripts for illusory characters to animate the space.

For this new project Alex aims to create an imaginary world where virtual characters influence the physical environment, and audience interaction transforms the virtual elements. He will construct this experience with illusions, each revealing alternate realities to prompt audiences to question what is real or virtual, fact or fiction. Alex’s collaborative team includes film writer/producer/director Andrew Trauki; animatronics/effects artist Damien Martin; dramaturg Lee Wilson; magician Adam Mada; and performer Annabel Lines. Together they will be working towards a showing in late 2012 and ultimately a tourable installation work for wide Australian and international audiences. (NSW)

FOREVER NOW is a cross-artform curatorial project responding to our cultural obsession with immortalising ourselves. In the footsteps of the Voyager records, curators Thea Baumann, Jeff Khan, Carli Leimbach, Brian Ritchie and Willoh S.Weiland will work with the international community to research and create a digital ‘golden’ data record of culture now on earth.

The FOREVER NOW participants are leading experimental curators, artists and producers engaging with contemporary culture. They plan to engage with key sociologists, environmentalists, musicians and artists to develop, network and stage this project across multiple national and international and intergalactic sites. The project will be launched into orbit aboard a Celestis Memorial Space Flight, Texas 2013.

Pierre Proske
Pierre Proske will be developing .Blush – a public media arts work that responds to the energy performance of the built environment. This project re-imagines a sustainable building with a skin that ‘blushes’ and changes hue based on energy usage, with ‘freckles’ consisting of thermochomic and electrically activated discs.

Pierre will be working with Jodi Newcombe of Carbon Arts, in partnership with the City of Melbourne, Synergetics, FMSA Architects and Jason Bond of the Environment Shop to research the location, interpretation and to prototype the technological design for this project. Their vision is to realise the .Blush buildings in the City of Melbourne by the end of 2013, so that with the help of innovative visualisation of energy saving/consumption we can better preserve our resources and environment. (VIC)

Sam Routledge
Sam Routledge will be developing I think I can, an interactive live art installation in partnership with the Australian Model Railway Association (AMRA). He is devising ways to manipulate model railway figures as puppets, to engage audiences in Southern Cross Station and AMRA clubhouses nationally.

The work will link actual commuters at the train station with virtual commuters on AMRA’s model railway layouts nationally. Through an interactive process conducted live and online, participants will discover a 1:87 scale idealised version of themselves, and will become a resident of a model railway layout elsewhere. Routledge is a puppeteer and performance artist, and will be collaborating with live art practitioners Martyn Coutts, media artist Matt Gingold, and theatre director Ian Pidd for this creative development. (VIC)

“I Think I Can” from Sam Routledge on Vimeo.

Jason Sweeney

Jason Sweeney will be investigating the cultural and social phenomena of ‘the crowd’ for Stereopublic, a participatory performance and online project. Working with the public as performers, participants and audience, Jason and collaborators will be asking what future crowds will look and sound like.

The team includes creative producer, Martin Potter, choreographer Alison Currie, and interactive designers Nick Crowther and Amy Milhinch.  They will develop interactive web and augmented reality prototypes; video and sound; public happenings, workshops and storyboards; remote communications and smartphone applications for networked community performance events. (SA)

Image Credit: Willoh S.Weiland & Nicky Forster, Yelling at Stars website still, photograph by Andrew Fraser.