The Music Theatre Initiative

7 February 2012 Artery

The Music Theatre Initiative is a partnership between the Music Board and the Theatre Board to source and develop new musical theatre works.

In 2010/11 the initiative funded three organisations, including the Arts Centre Melbourne, to run national calls for submissions for new music theatre works. The works  selected were developed through workshops and limited presentations to potential producing partners.

Now in its second year, Carnegie 18 New Music Theatre Series continues to shine a light on the creative development of new Australian music theatre works. Last season saw stand-out work Contact!, a light operetta about netball picked up for a full performance season.

Now a brand new batch of music theatre work has been submitted by some of the boldest creative teams across Australia including DreamSong, Cautionary Tales for Children and The New Black. After an intensive workshop period, all three were showcased at various stages of completion in February 2012, offering audiences an opportunity to help shape the works further with their feedback.

See the works selected and developed through the Arts Centre’s 2010/11 call for submissions here:

Image Credit: The New Black courtesy of The Arts Centre